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Thursday, February 17, 2011

i'm touching because i have a feeling!


how i want to tell you?
that i'm only normal person who try to give my best for my friend.
but sometime, i feel so frustrated on way you give back to me.
if i can understand you, why not you do the same thing?
i know how to cry.i know how to sad. 
but sometime i forget how to smile and pretend who am i actualy.
forgive me if i'm wrong and cannot be a good friend to you.
i'm touching because i have a feeling!
"i want you to know that
i'm always here for you 
through your bad times 
saddest time 
i'll help you see it through
i'll comfort you when you're alone
i'll give you love like you'll never know
girl tell me your love belongs to me
and i'll love you honestly
there will be times when life seem unfair
but you can run to me coz you know 
girl, i will be there..."
********** lovely family..i want to cry right now. 
coz the pain is never cure if like these,again and again.
be with you all can give me some peace.
i need you trust friend. 
coz you can give me the strength.
like you do when someone betrayed me before this.

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