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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Last sunset of 2011.


Just take a few minutes. I cannot stop my hand to share this, and my lips keep smiling. Nothing can describe what I feel right now.
 It's amazing, SUBHANALLAH!
Lets watch the video first and I'm sure you feel something and smile.
**or maybe you ask yourself, why this girl like sunset so much huh?

Some pictures of yesterday sunset.
sunset at Kampung China 3

sunset at Changi Beach

sunset at Oahu, Hawaii

 Or you can go to link 1 and link 2.

Anyway, thanks to Uncle Google because make me found it.
Don't ask me where the pictures I take by myself coz until now, 
I still ask myself why I don't capture that. Huh!~ 
 And I don't know when I can get my own DSLR. Tired with camera phone only. Kehkeh~ 
(be thankful NIS! at least you can make a lot of memories with that.
Or maybe it can answer the questions. kuikui..
Maybe can be in my birthday wish soon. 
(you are day dreaming girl.hahaha)

So, to anyone who love to take pictures, let share it with me. 
Especially beach, sunset, sunrise, tulip and nice scenery. Please.. :)

*continue study for final. tata~ ^^

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